House Rules & Policies

To ensure a safe and happy experience for our guests and ourselves, all guests must agree to follow these house rules prior to booking. Please note that the cottage is not baby-proofed and there are stairs and open heights both inside and outside. Parents must acknowledge and accept the risks, and supervise young children at all times. If you have questions not answered here, please feel free to send us an email.

General House Rules

You must be at least 25 years old to rent.
The person who books must also be a guest. Third-party bookings are not allowed.
No parties or events of any kind.
There are two security cameras outside: one above the front door, and one above the back (sliding) door for your safety and our insurance policy.
Tampering with the cameras is strictly prohibited.
This is a non-smoking property. Smoking of any kind is strictly prohibited.
Only guests who are on the original booking are allowed to stay overnight. If your circumstances change, please send us a note via text or your booking app.
Please respect courtesy quiet hours from 10 pm for our neighbors.  They’re super nice people, and sound travels across the water.
Do not remove anything from the home that doesn’t belong to you. We’re happy to provide shopping resources so you can recreate the look. The value of anything removed from the home will be deducted from your security deposit.
Accidents happen. Please let us know right away if any items break during your stay so that we can repair or replace them before the next guest arrives.
Fireworks, candles, and other open flames are not permitted – apart from the provided fire pit and charcoal grill.
Diving off the dock is not permitted because of the shallow water (our insurance company makes us tell you this!).
Children and dogs should never be left unattended outside.
Do not pour cooking grease down the sink.

Dog Guest Rules

We love dogs and want you to enjoy your vacation with your furry best friend while keeping your dog safe and the cottage in good condition for future guests. Please note that dogs are the only pets permitted at the cottage (sorry, no cats).

All dogs must be disclosed during the booking process. There is a $50 fee per dog per stay.
Dogs must be house-trained (pee/poop outside AND be past the “chew-everything” puppy stage).
You’re responsible for cleaning up after your pup and throwing waste away in the garbage bin outside.
Dogs must be leashed when outside for their own safety as well as the safety of our neighbors and their pets. Your dog may use the in-ground lead, which is (supposedly) strong enough for large dogs. Please keep an eye on your pooch when it’s out on the lead.
Never leave your dog outside if you leave the house for any reason (including canoe trips).
Dogs are not allowed on the beds.
A metal dog crate is available for use during your stay. Please inquire prior to your arrival.
At checkout, throw away all dog waste in the garbage bin outside.
If you forget to bring poop bags with you, we have some extras available. Just let us know.
Blue towels in the “Dog Towel” bin upstairs are for cleaning your wet or muddy dog. Please do not use white towels for dogs (or other muddy/dirty messes).

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