All About Perkins Pond

The Best-Kept Secret in the Sunapee Region

What is Perkins Pond?

Perkins Pond is a 157-acre, shallow natural lake in the town of Sunapee, New Hampshire with a relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere. It’s a calm lake to take a leisurely paddle in the canoe, but on the weekends you’ll see families out on the water tubing or waterskiing.

Because the lake is so peaceful, it’s an ideal spot for kids to learn to fish and waterski!

The public boat ramp is 0.4 miles from the cottage and makes it easy to bring your own powerboat on vacation, or you can use our red canoe.

Where is Perkins Pond?

Perkins Pond is located on the northwest side of Lake Sunapee.

Perkins Pond Cottage is 11 minutes from I-89 on a well-maintained dirt road with close neighbors. The setting is quiet and natural, but not remote.

It’s a quick 3-mile drive down the hill to quaint Sunapee Harbor where you’ll find restaurants, an ice cream shop, harbor cruises, gift shops, a gas station, and more.

Mount Sunapee is just 7 miles away for great skiing and snowboarding in winter, and hiking, mountain biking, and other adventure sports in summer.

Boy holding fish at Perkins Pond Cottage vacation rental in Sunapee, New Hampshire.

What kind of fish are in Perkins Pond?

Fishing is a favorite pasttime at Perkins Pond Cottage for young and old alike.

It’s easy to cast off the dock, or go on a fishing adventure in the canoe. Fish we’ve caught (or got away!) include:

  • Largemouth Bass
  • Smallmouth Bass
  • Chain Pickerel
  • Perch
  • Pumpkin Seed
  • Bluegill
  • Catfish

Can you swim in Perkins Pond?

Yes, you can absolutely swim in Perkins Pond. In fact, it’s encouraged!

The water is warm and shallow, with an average depth of 5′ and around 9′ at its deepest point.

Like any lake, there are fish, turtles, and other freshwater critters in the water, and the bottom can be mucky in spots. If you don’t like to feel squishiness between your toes, we recommend wearing water shoes.

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